About Just For Kids (JFK) Afterschool Program

Just For Kids  (JFK) is a free after school program sponsored by Chadron Public Schools and NE 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant (NE 21st CCLC). 

JFK is at the Chadron Primary Building at 732 Ann St. 

JFK is held Monday-Thursday for the school year. We do not have program on Fridays, early outs, parent/teacher conferences, or when there is no school for that day. 

What does a typical day at JFK look like?
Our day starts when the dismissal bell rings (at 3:15 p.m.)   
Students will be checked in by staff members and then get a snack. Snack is charged to the students account. 
Free Lunch-Free snack
Reduced Lunch -$.15/snack
Paid lunch- $.75/snack
 During snack time, we will have students share some awesome things that they have done, seen, etc. These are called High-5's. 
Students will then go outside (weather permitting) for recess until 4:00 p.m.

At 4:00 p.m. Students will be divided by grade level and start rotations between Life Lessons, Activity and Academic time. 
Life Lessons are week long lessons that usually have a common theme. 
Activity can range from art to physical in nature and change daily. We will have Keep Chadron Beautiful come once a month to do an activity with the students. 
Academic time is where students can complete homework or do an educational activity. We also provide a little 'down time' things for the students. 
Every half hour grades will switch between rotations:
     4:00- 4:30
             1st- Life Lessons
             2nd-Academic Time
     4:30- 5:00
             Kinder-Life Lessons
             1st- Academic Time
             2nd- Activity
     5:00- 5:30
             Kinder- Academic Time
             1st- Activity
             2nd- Life Lessons

How and when can I get my student from JFK?
Students can be picked up anytime during Just For Kids. 
An approved pick up person can come to the main entrance, buzz in and sign the student out at the office. If you want your student to walk/bike home, please make sure we are notified of this. 
We want to make sure that we put the students safety first, so please be understanding in that we will ask you who you are, and if a person is not on the pick up list, that person WILL NOT be able to get the student. You can always add/remove a person, or call to let us know about the person. This includes the students siblings

Contact and Staff Information
After School Program Director:  
Lorna VB.Eliason

Co-Site Coordinators:
Alora Tweet and Danielle Woods

Staff Members: Mrs. Smith, Miss Chaona, Miss Braylee, Miss Rylee, Miss Samantha, Miss Kassandra, Miss Jolee, and Grandma Linda. 

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