Monday, August 29, 2016

August Lessons and Activities

NO JFK Days For September, 2016

There will be no JFK for the following days in September:

September 5th (There is no school this day) 


September 22nd (Staff will be attending a conference)

 Thank you, 
       JFK Staff

Welcome to another year of Just for Kids After School Program!

Welcome To Just For Kids After School Program! We’re excited to have you with us this year.
We wanted to take this opportunity to give you more information on what our program is, what our rotations are and contact information.

Just For Kids is a free afterschool program, sponsored by Chadron Public Schools and NE 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant ( NE 21st CCLC).  The goals for Just for Kids After School Program is to help the students with education, socialization skills and learning through play. We work with parents, school staff, members of the community and the NE Department of Education to provide students with additional academic support.

Academic Time is time where students are encouraged to complete their homework given to them. When there is no homework, other activities that are academic in nature are provided.
Life Lessons are week long lessons that Group Leaders teach to the students that have a common theme. They may learn about horses, how rainbows are made, what scientists are, etc.  
Activity time are physical, creative, investigative, and exploration activities to engage the students mind and body.

Monday through Thursday during the school year. There is no JFK on Fridays, early outs, Parent Teacher Conferences, or when there is no school for the day.

Daily Schedule:
At 3:15, First and Second Grade students will set down their backpacks and coats and wait in their lines to be dismissed to snack. After they check in, they go and wash their hands/ use the restrooms.
    Kindergarten will be lined up in the hallways, where Group leaders will set their backpacks by the JFK room, check them in, walk them to the bathroom so they can wash their hands/ use the restroom, then they will be led to the gym for snack.

After the students have finished snack, and all announcements and high-fives have been done, the students will line up to go play outside.

*Staff members will have the sign out sheets with them during this time.

At 4:00, the students will line up and get ready to go inside. The sign out sheets will then be at the office.
    Second Grade will go to the classroom for Academic time.
    First Grade will go to Life Lessons.
    Kindergarten will to the Activity for the day.
At 4:30, the students will transition
    Second Grade will go the the Activity for the day.
    First Grade will go to the classroom for Academic time.
    Kindergarten will go to Life Lessons
At 5:00, the students will transition
    Second Grade will go to Life Lessons.
    First Grade will go to the Activity for the day.
    Kindergarten will go to the classroom for Academic time.
At 5:30, The students will make their way home by pickup, walking, biking, or other means of parent choice.

Getting in Touch with Just For Kids
There are several ways to keep in touch with Just For Kids:
Remind 101: justforki
Phone: 308-432-0710

Homework Policy of the After School Program
    We will have tutors from Chadron State College that come and are available to assist the students with their homework. We highly encourage the students to work on their homework during the available time. We respect the parents who wish to have their child do their homework at home. We also respect the students and their responsibility in getting their homework done.

Your Child’s Safety.
We follow the same rules and regulations as the school does. The student is to follow the rules of the playground, classroom, and hallways as they do during the school day.

Photos and videos of students: In our sign up sheet, there was an option as to photo/video permission. We will respect this right and not publish photos or videos of those students.

When you filled out the JFK After School Program form for your child, it included a section titled “Release Information.” This is a list of people that you are authorizing us to release your child to. If someone comes to pick your child up and they are not on the list, then we will not let you child leave with them. You are always welcome to add or remove people from this list.
When an authorized person is picking up the students, they must use the main doors on the west side of the building. After ringing the buzzer, they are to provide their name and who they are picking up. This will insure that unauthorized persons are not entering the building. 

Here's to a great year!

JFK Staff